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Antique Buddha Statues Gallery

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery is one of the largest online galleries of antique Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads and other related antiques related to Buddhist art and sculptures. Buddhist sculptures played an important role in accordance of Buddhist mythology. Buddha statues can be seen as the symbol of inner peace as well as fortune and Buddhist monks take these sculptures as the symbol or medium to practice their meditation as well to find the inner peace within themselves. These antique Buddhas can be considered as very important since they signify many principles related to Buddhist Tradition. Many Buddhist monks as well nuns and enthusiastic Buddhist people considered this sacred since these statues signify some of the important Buddhist principles such as Noble Four Truths, Noble Eightfold path, compassion, wisdom, and generosity. A lot of the Buddha statues also signify the posture of Lord Buddha himself, the Mudras of hands, and other various actions that Lord Buddha had experienced during his time. Like Bhumisparsha Mudra signifies that Lord Buddha uses his hands to touch the earth to summon Earth and other Mudras also signifies many things. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides all varieties of Buddhist sculptures such as antique Buddhas, Buddha images, Buddha heads, and various statues of important Buddhist figures. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery also provides Buddha Statue for sale online. Our Gallery focused on providing provides all range of Buddha Statues, antique Buddha Statue.

Buddha Gallery

In our Buddha gallery, you can buy small Buddha statues and also very large Buddha statues. Our Antique Buddha Statues Gallery focuses on the finding and providing of antique Buddha statues for home use as well as for placing outside in the garden. Antique Buddha Statues Gallery provides Buddha statues for home as well as Buddha Garden Statues. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery also focusses on providing Buddhist art and antiques with historical importance. Our Buddha Gallery also focuses on Burmese Buddha Statues that Antique Buddha Statue Gallery purchases from various monasteries, shrines and private families and collectors in Burma. In our Gallery, you can buy Buddha Statues that were made from various materials, such as Stone Buddha statues, Bronze Buddha statues, Gold Buddha statues, wooden Buddha statues and so on. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery makes sure to purchase high qualities and antique Buddha statues as there are a lot of fake statues that are being casted all around the globe. Our Gallery also focuses on providing various Buddha statues from many Asian countries since these countries consist of rare as well as antique pieces. Our catalog also consists of Thai Buddha Statues as well as Tibetan Buddha Statues.

Buddha Statues

Statues of Buddha are representing Buddhism in many forms and ways. Therefor we have collected Buddha statues from many different countries and forms of Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism and more. We are mainly specialized in Burmese Buddha statues which has the following statues:

Besides Burmese / Myanmar Buddha statues, we are also specialized in Thai Buddha statues, Nepali Buddha statues and Buddha statues from the whole Asian region.

Buddha Gallery

Please visit our online Antique Buddha Statues gallery and find thousands of nice, original and antique Buddha statues. Our goal is to have the largest online collection of Antique Buddhas in the world and make those items available, so that everybody can buy them at reasonable prices thru our website.

Our Buddha Gallery has following items for sale:

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