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We definitely love our buddha statues that we have either at our home or at our office environment. The purpose of the installation may be different for each and every statue lovers but one thing is common and that's the preservation part. We all know that if we don't preserve the statue then it will surely have the defects and will look awful. It will slowly lose its value. Therefore it is necessary to preserve it well so that it won't lose its value.

Generally, we can find Buddha statue made from a different materials, some of them are stone, bronze, stucco, brass, wood, etc. and we normally think that we don't need to do anything to the statue made up of stone, stucco, and wood but we are wrong. We need to clean these statues also. We can just brush them to clean up the dust that is attached to the statue and for the wooden statue, we should be confirmed that we are not placing it in the moist area. For Brass and Bronze statues, we need to give a special attention so that their quality doesn't degrade.

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Cleaning our Brass Statues

Brass is a metal alloy which is produced by mixing copper and zinc. So, while cleaning brass statues, we have to follow certain steps and there are many methods to clean it.

In the first method, we need to collect baking soda, washing soda, and a non-aluminum pot. After collecting, we need to boil water in a pot and gradually add up few teaspoons of baking and washing soda. When the water boils, we can dip the statue inside the boiling water for some time and gently clean the dirt in the statue by soft cotton cloth. If the lacquer is deposited in the statue then this method will help to remove lacquers as well.

An alternative method is to wash the statue with warm water consisting of dish detergent. The washing can be done with the help of soft sponge in the bigger and easy exposed areas. We can also use a toothbrush with soft bristles to clean corners where we can't clean with our hands. After the washing is done, we can dry the statue with the help of the piece of cotton.

If there is a case of tarnish in the Buddha statue then we can use acidic agents in order to clean it. The combination of lemon and salt comes to rescue in this type cleaning. Cut a lemon into pieces and take out the seeds and then dip into salt and the polish the statue with that slice of the lemon and then clean it with warm soapy water. After cleaning, we need to dry it, with the help of cotton.

Above mentioned methods will certainly work if the statue is brass and I doubt whether the mentioned methods will work for other materials as well. There are methods for the bronze statue as well. The below-mentioned methods are for cleaning bronze statue.

Cleaning our Bronze Statue

Bronze is an alloy which is produced by mixing copper and few percentage of tin and is often added other metals in very few percentage. When the bronze is exposed to air and moisture, we will see a greenish layer on the surface of the bronze which is known as patina. Some people don't find this layer good and tend to clean it. The following methods are meant for bronze statues.

In the first method, we need lemon juice and baking soda. First, warm the water and then place the statue in the water and then take out the dry completely. Then put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a dish and squeeze lemon juice onto the soda and mix the two until it converts into the paste form.

An alternative method is by using vinegar, flour, and salt. First, we have to clean the statue in warm water and then leave it to dry completely. Then mix equal parts of flour and salt in a dish and add white vinegar to form a soft paste.

We can now apply the paste generated by above-mentioned method to the statue with the help of soft cotton cloth or rubber gloves or bare hand whatever we feel comfortable. After applying paste we now have to rub the paste in small circular motions with the help of a piece of cloth. This step is the main step to gain the cleanliness and tidy effect in the bronze statue. So we should rub the statue until we find it good. We then leave the statue for about half an hour and then rinse the statue with warm water to remove the paste and dry the statue with a clean towel.

Finally, we have the antique Buddha statue cleaned and brand new. While following the steps we have to be extra careful because of the valuable assets that we possess. If something goes wrong then we will certainly lose it.

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