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Seven Antique Reclining Buddha Statues in Asia

By Devik Balami at
reclining buddha statue

Reclining Buddha is also regarded as sleeping Buddha because the statue is portrayed as sleeping. Reclining Buddha Statues is the representation of Buddha lying down during his last illness, about to enter Parinirvana. The Reclining Buddha statues generally portrayed as lying on the right flank with his head supported by his right hand relying on his right elbow or resting on a cushion. Reclining Buddha has also symbolic meaning within itself. It is said that these statues represent all sentient beings are limited. Antique Buddha statues and Buddha statues found in the world are depicted in both postures. Some of the reclining Buddha statues are mentioned below:

buddhas of bamiyan

Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan

The two Buddhas of Bamiyan were 4th and 5th-century statues of standing Buddha. These Buddhas are carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan. These arts are the representation of the blended style of Gandhara art. These statues were made in 507 CE and 554 CE. In March 2001, these Antique Buddha statues were bombarded by the Taliban. The objective behind such brutal attack was to protest international aid exclusively reserved for the maintenance of the statue while Afghanistan was experiencing famine. Later on while renovating the reclining Buddha statue, archaeologists found some parts of the Reclining Buddha. They have assumed that the unknown Buddha's height is about 300 meters.

reclining buddha at dafo temple

Gigantic Reclining Buddha at Dafo Temple, China

The Dafo Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple located at Zhangye, Gansu, China. This temple is also known as the Great Buddha Temple and is well known for the gigantic reclining Buddha statue of 35 m long. It is believed that the Buddha was built around 1100 CE and the temple has now become the center of attraction for many Buddhists Pilgrims as well as others.

reclining Buddha statue at Wat Pho

Longest reclining Buddha statue at Wat Pho, Thailand

Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple complex located in Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok, Thailand. The temple is also referred as the Temple of the Reclining Buddha since it housed 46 m long and 15 m high reclining Buddha which was built in 1832. Apart from Reclining Buddha statue, the temple complex consists of the largest collection of Buddha images.

Reclining Buddha at Jade Buddha Temple

Marble Reclining Buddha at Jade Buddha Temple, China

The Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple located in Shanghai, China. The temple was founded with the installation of two Jade Buddha statues that were imported from Burma. One was sitting Buddha of 1.95 m tall and another was reclining Buddha which was small in comparison to the sitting one. But the temple now consists of a larger reclining Buddha made up of marble which was donated by Singapore.

Reclingin Buddha at Buddha Park of Vientiane

Reclining Buddha at Buddha Park of Vientiane, Laos

The Buddha Park, also known as Xieng Khuan, is a sculpture park which was started by Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat and is located 25 km southeast from Vientiane, Laos. The meaning of the word Xieng Khuan is spirit city, therefore the park is regarded as such because the park has over 200 Hindu and Buddhist sculptures. The statues installed at the park are made up of reinforced concrete. Even though the statues are appeared to be centuries old, they are not. The park's main attraction is the reclining Buddha of 40 m long.


Second Largest Reclining Buddha statue at Nanzoin Temple, Japan

Nanzoin Temple originally located on Mt. Koyasan was moved to Sasaguri, Fukuoka Prefecture due to turmoil. The Nanzoin Temple consists of reclining Buddha statue known as Nehanzo or Shaka Nehan which is 41 m long and 11 m high considering to be one of the largest reclining Buddha Statue ever existed.

Third longest reclining Buddha statue at Thai Buddhist Temple, Malaysia

Thai Buddhist Temple is also known as Wat Chaiyamangkalaram is located at the Pulau Tikus suburb in Penang, Malaysia. This temple contains one of the longest reclining Buddha statues which was named as Phra Chaiya Mongkol. It was built in 1958 and is 33m long. Apart from the statue, there are other several colored statues of Devas and other mythical creatures.

reclining Buddha statue at Thai Buddhist Temple