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Are you buying Antique Buddha Statues? Follow these simple steps to get a genuine one.

By Devik Balami at
how to find genuine buddha statue

Buddha Statues are the symbols for the relaxation, positive energy, and of course Buddha teachings as well. Almost everyone is fond of the Statue due to above mentioned symbolic representation. It is also believed that people who chant mantras or prays in front of the statues, gives an inner satisfaction which helps to promote relaxation and inner peace to mind and soul. If the Buddha Statue is an antique one then it is believed that the positive energy flows through it and is transferred to the whole environment. Therefore, with these beliefs and importance, the persons are likely to buy Buddha Statues or Antique ones with the purpose to install these statues in their common rooms, private rooms and as well as office rooms. The persons who have installed the Buddha statues have also testified about the advantages and changes that they felt after installation. That's why these statues are highly demanded; especially antique ones, due to its rareness, origin and of course statue's age; all over the world especially in the west.

Due to the high demand of Antique Buddha Statue, there are the group of people who make fake Antique Buddha Statue with the help of a photograph with the objective to earn more money. Therefore we must be cautious while shopping for the antique ones otherwise we will end up getting the fake ones which don't have the real value in it.

Methods to Buy Buddha Statue

In the Early days, the Statue Lovers visit curator's showroom and they decide which one to buy after thorough inspection but the scenario has been changed a lot in the recent years. This is mainly due to the growth of the e-commerce concepts which has revolutionized buying and selling behavior. Therefore, people can just sit back and shop with the help of Laptop/ Desktop and even mobile phones, which are connected to the Internet, through e-commerce sites.

back view of origin buddha statue

Steps to follow while buying statues

While buying the Antique Buddha Statues, people should research/ study about the ancient Buddha Sculpture and material used to prepare the statue during the different period and in different regions. This knowledge comes in handy while visiting the store. Just looking at the statue, the person can tell about the origin of the statue. Like for example, the statue made by the Gandhara, ancient region in Afghanistan and Pakistan, uses stucco while the medieval Nepalese uses mostly bronze. Knowledge about the sculpture adds an advantage because we will know about the statue and won't have to depend on another person for much detail briefing. For the origin and age, we can also look at the inscription marked below the statue. Not all the Statues have the marking but there are statues that have the markings.

While visiting the store, observe the Statue carefully and notice the fineness because the price goes up with the fineness in the statue. It is better to go for the high quality that we can afford because we may regret later if the statue is not well made. Another part to look at is the back side of the statue because this part helps us to get the idea about the genuine of the statue. If the statue is the copy of the antique Buddha Statue then statue's back side will look uncomfortable since the statue is made with reference to the photographs which lacks the back view of the statue. Therefore, they create with their own creativity or with the help of another statue which definitely looks uncomfortable.

The smoothness in the dedicated area also helps us to judge genuine of the Buddha Statue. The dedicated areas like jewelry, hand mudras, etc. can only be made by highly experienced passionate artists who have the patience. The fake Buddha statues' dedicated areas will be rough because the makers lack the patience to carve those areas in detail.

The above steps won't be a rescue for us to get a genuine Buddha Statue while buying from an e-commerce site. While buying from an e-commerce site, we can refer to the testimonials and online reviews that the previous buyers have said about that particular site. This is the area which helps us to trust the guy behind that e-commerce site. Another thing we can search is social media presence of that site because this also helps us to know how the site is communicating with other people and vice-versa. Last one, important of all is to look at the photograph of the statue from all perspective. This helps to observe the statue and look for the fineness at the dedicated areas as well as the back side.