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Six tallest Buddha Statue in China

By Devik Balami at
Six tallest Buddha Statue in China

Buddhism has been spread in China at the earliest of the 3rd century. Throughout the time, Buddhism has become the major religion in China and it can be seen through the art and culture. The Buddha statues along with Bodhisattvas and other Buddhist deities' statues have been carved and made in different provinces of China. Even today, the urge to make beautiful and aesthetic statues have not been fulfilled and is being made in different places. Some of the tallest Buddha statues found in China are as follow as:

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan Province

The statue of Leshan Giant Buddha is located at about 125 km south of Chengdu. This antique Buddha statue is 71 m tall which was started by the monk, Haitong in 713 during China's Tang dynasty, but he couldn't complete the statue in his lifetime. So the sole responsibility of the construction was handover to his disciples. It was then completed in 803 CE after many struggles and hardship. The statue was carved on the cliff which lies at the junction of three rivers- Min, Dadu, and Qingyi rivers.

Tian Tan Buddha, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Tian Tan Buddha is considered as the largest sitting Buddha around the world. The statue portrays Shakyamuni Buddha, is located at Ngong Ping, Lantau Island in Hong Kong. This Buddha statue has a height of 34 m, weighs over 250 metric tons and is made up of 202 bronze pieces. The Buddha statue is placed on a lotus and faces north direction. This Buddha depicting Abhaya Mudra posture was constructed at the beginning of 1990 and was finished on 29 December 1993.

Lingshan Grand Buddha, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province

The statue of Lingshan Grand Buddha is located at Tang Dynasty Xiangfu Temple in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province which was built at the end of 1996. The height of this Buddha statue is 88 m and is made up of 1560 pieces of bronze plates. The statue stands aside of the beautiful Taihu Lake and is surrounded by mountains on three sides. This standing Buddha depicts Amitabha Buddha with Abhaya Mudra posture. Some people also believe that the Buddha Statue that is depicted is of Shakyamuni Buddha rather than Amitabha Buddha. In Spring Festival, the Xiangfu Temple is filled with the pilgrims with the motive to listen to the tolling of the bell. The people believe that when they hear the sounds of the tolling then it will bring good luck to them. The bell is at 3.5 m height and weight around 12 tons.

Spring Temple Buddha, Lushan County, Henan Province

The Spring Temple Buddha is one of the world tallest Buddha statue. This bronze made Buddha weighs around 6400 tons and is 128 m tall from the base of its pedestal to the top of its head. The height of Buddha is about 108 m. The Buddha statue depicts Vairocana Buddha in standing position and portrays Abhaya Mudra posture. The statue was built in 1997 and was completed in 2008. We can find a Buddhist monastery beneath the statue.

Amitabha Buddha, Xingzi County, Jiangxi Province

This statue of Amitabha Buddha, located in Xingzi County, Jiangxi Province, was completed on early 2013. The height of this statue is 48 m and is regarded as the tallest statue of Amitabha Buddha in the world. The outer surface of the Buddha has been gold painted. It is recorded that a total of 48 kg of gold has been used in order to gild the Statue. The statue is portrayed in standing position.

Maitreya Buddha, Fenghua, Zhejiang Province

The statue of Maitreya Buddha; situated at Xikou, Fenghua city of Zhejiang Province; is made of 1200 tons of steel and tin bronze. The Buddha is portrayed in sitting position holding beads by his right hand. The total height of this statue is 56.7 m out of which net height of the statue alone is 33 m with 10.5 m long head and 6600 sq. m body area.