Buddha Statues

Buddha Statue

Buddha Statues are the symbolic representation of Lord Buddha himself. Buddha statues are taken as the symbol of peace to millions of Buddhist enthusiasts and monks as well as nuns. What’s even more important is Buddha statues are the figure that depicts various principles of Buddha’s teachings as well as compassion, knowledge, peace, and various events that took during the lifetime of Lord Buddha himself.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides all varieties of rare as well as antique Buddha statues. Our Gallery consists of all sorts of Buddha sculptures such Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads, Buddha amulets and other sculptures. We provide these Buddha statues all around the Western countries and we guarantee high-quality and antique Buddha. We also provide these religiously and spirituality important sculptures to Buddha followers, Buddhist monastery as well as community and many antique sculpture collector.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery especially focuses on purchasing antique as well exclusive Buddha statues, Buddha images, with peculiar beauty. Unlike many fake corporation who exports and import fake and illegal statues from other countries. However, Antique Buddha statue Gallery purchases all the statues with legal procedures as well as agreement from the countries we purchase.

Buddha Statues Collection

Our Buddha Gallery provides all kinds of Buddha statues through online also. Our Buddha Gallery online contains all the information on kinds of Buddha statues. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery ensures that the Buddha statues are all legal and authentic. Antique Buddha Statue Collection also consists of different styles, mudras with their own historical significance.

Different Mudras of Buddha statues are:

Bhumisparsha Mudra

Abhaya Mudra

Dhyana Mudra

These Buddha statues are also available in different materials such as Gold, silver, wood,marble, lacquer, stone, and so on. Antique Buddha Gallery also provide Buddhist sculptures from various Asian countries such as Burmese Buddha statues, Nepali Buddha statues, Thai Buddha Statues, Tibetan Buddha Statues, Japanese Buddha statues. We also provide statues of popular Buddhist figures that are considered as important figures in Buddhism like Manjushree Buddha statues, Tibetan Monk statues, Avalokiteshvara Statues. Our collection also consists of Buddhist thrones, reclining pose of Buddha. The reclining Buddha Statues are some of the wonderful beauty even among the other Buddha statues.

Our Buddha Gallery also provides all size of Buddha statues that ranges from small Buddha Statues to Large Buddha statues. We also provide Buddha statues for home and Buddha garden statues that can be used to design the garden as well the home. Not only it can be used to increase beauty to home as well as garden, it brings peace, compassion, and wisdom.

Buddha Statue Catalog

Please Visit our Antique Buddha Statue Gallery catalog online and search all kinds of Buddha statue for sale as you prefer such as happy Buddha statues, stone Buddha statues and most of all find all the information related to these statues. The main objective of Antique Buddha Statues Gallery is to provide easy service to our clients with our largest Buddha online collection.

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