Antique Buddhas

Antique Buddhas are the Buddhist sculptures that were designed as well as crafted during 18th to 19th Century. These Antique buddhas represent antique Buddha statues, Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads that were preserved from an ancestor in order to protect the values and importance that these Buddhist sculptures possessed. These antique Buddha statues are quite rare and very difficult to buy as well as find. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery focus on purchasing antique Buddha statues from various Asian countries and provide these antique Buddhas to our buyers.

It is said that first Buddha statue was made by the Greek king since he had deep faith in Buddhism. Aside from that, the Buddhist art in Burma, Thailand, and other Asian countries started to craft the Buddha statues later on. But during 18th and 19th Century, the ancient artisan create these beautiful Buddha statues that hold the principle of Buddhism such as Noble Four Truths, Noble Eightfold Paths etc. Since these ancient artifacts are quite difficult to find and especially purchase, Antique Buddha Statue Gallery is proud to provide our buyers with reliable, antique and legally purchased antique Buddha Statues.

Our Buddha Gallery is one of the largest collections of antique buddhas, Buddha images, Buddha heads and other Buddhist sculptures. Providing antique Buddha statues and antique Buddhist sculptures is one of our main objectives. The antique Buddha statues that our Gallery provides have gone through with the flow of time carrying the weight of important history. These antique Buddhist sculptures have their own uniqueness, serene expression providing a medium to find the inner peace as well as one’s self-belief. Purchasing these rich historical artifacts, these Buddhist sculptures in our Buddha gallery are the rarest as well as oldest sculptures that can be found in the Buddhist countries like Burma, Thailand, Nepal,Tibet and so on. Antique Thai Buddha statues, Tibetan Buddha statues, Burmese Buddha statues also carry history and quite difficult to find since they are quite rare in the present Buddhist art.

Antique Buddhas For Sale

These beautiful antique Buddha statues known for their sheer uniqueness in our gallery are purchased from many antique collectors, museums, and art historians all over the globe.Antique Buddha statue Gallery ensures that every antique Buddhas, Buddha statues for sale are authentic and these artifacts of history are purchased legally and are not stolen.

Our Buddha Gallery also consists of Buddha statues for home since it is believed to encourage peace as well as prosperity. These statues help the people have good energy flowing within them when these statues are kept in home or office. Large Buddha statues and small Buddha statues are also included in our gallery since it can serve as the decoration in our room or home. Buddha Garden Statue is also used to provide finishing touch to your beautiful garden keep the good energy flowing throughout the garden and helps to find peace whenever you visit your own garden. Antique happy Buddha statues that bring happiness and joy upon your home, or workplace or garden are also included in our antique Buddha gallery.

If you are looking for antique reclining buddha statues and needed detail information on these Buddhist sculptures, then you can view our Antique Buddha statue catalog.

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