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Buddha Gallery

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery is one of the largest Buddha gallery providing all sorts of Buddha statuesBuddha imagesBuddha heads, Buddha amulets, and other Buddha sculptures of Buddha, and Buddha related Buddha figures such as BodhisattvasBuddhist monks. Providing the high-quality Buddha statuesantique Buddha statuesBuddha images, has always been the top priority of our Buddha Gallery.

Look at our collection of Buddha statues in our gallery

Our Gallery consists of a large number as well as large varieties of Buddha statues for saleBuddha gallery consists of Buddha statuesBuddha images and Buddhist sculptures in different style and poses. These Buddhist styles and poses, as well as the mudras of hands of Buddha statues, represent different meanings and history in them. There are various styles of mudra that are imprinted in Buddha statues. Some of these Buddhist styles are ava Buddhist styles, Mandalay Buddhist style, shan Buddhist (Tai Yai) style, Pyu Buddhist style and much more which represents that the Buddha statues are crafted in these periods as well places such as Mandalay is the second largest city in Burma and is also famous for crafting Buddha statues.

The Buddha statues in our gallery can also be found in different Buddha mudra i.e. hand poses of Buddha in these statues. Some of the popular Buddha mudras are dharmachakra mudraVinaya mudradhyana mudra, Abhaya mudra, vitarka mudra, Tarjani mudra etc. These hand mudras have their own meanings and history. Such as Abhaya mudra since it represents the gesture of reassurance and safety and it also refers to dispel fear and insecurity in oneself. The Bhumisparsha mudra is also one of most popular Buddhist mudra in Buddhist mythology since it represents the moment of the time when Buddha attained Enlightenment.


Our Buddha gallery also consists of different size of antique Buddha statues to our buyers. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery consists of large Buddha statues, small Buddha statues and also contains happy Buddha statues. Our buyers are also very fond of our Buddha statues for home as well as Buddha garden statues, since they are quite suitable for our buyer’s home as well as garden.

Our gallery also consists of Buddha sculpture from various Buddhist countries like Korea,JapanBurmaIndiaThailandTibetChinaNepalIndonesia etc. These countries have their own Buddhist tradition for Buddhist art and different styles to craft Buddha statues,Buddha images, and other Buddhist sculptures. Our Gallery provides antique Thai Buddha statuesTibetan Buddha statuesBurmese Buddha statuesJapanese Buddha statues etc.

Our Gallery also provides these Buddha statues for sale in various materials like stone Buddha statues. Reclining Buddha statues is one of the most popular statues in our Buddha gallery. Reclining Buddha statues is the representation of Lord Buddha attaining parinirvana.
All of the Buddha statue collection can be found in our catalog and all the details about these Buddha statues and Buddhist sculpture are mentioned in our catalog.


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Our collection contains over 5,000 original and antique Buddha statues

Special large bronze Maitreya Buddha statue

8,000 euro

Antique wooden Burmese Mandalay Buddha

750 euro

Special antique marble Burmese Buddha head

5,200 euro

Antique Nepali Praying Wheel

265 euro

Antique Burmese Opium Weight

75 euro

Old bronze Nepali Buddha statue

275 euro

Antique marble Burmese Monk statue

900 euro

Old bronze Nepali Buddha statue

850 euro

Special antique bronze Opium Weight

250 euro

Antique wooden Thai Buddha statue

350 euro

Antique bronze Indian Ganesha statue

75 euro

Special antique bronze Burmese Monk statue

2,500 euro

Old bronze Nepali Bodhisattva statue

400 euro

Antique wooden Burmese Buddha statue

975 euro

Antique wooden Burmese offering vessel

400 euro

Antique bronze Thai Buddha statue

300 euro

Antique wooden Thai Lanna Buddha statue

275 euro

Old bronze Nepali Chenrezig statue

3,500 euro

Old wooden Burmese Buddha statue

175 euro

Bronze Ganesha

300 euro

Antique bronze Thai Buddha on Naga snake

500 euro

Antique Burmese limestone Buddha statue

400 euro

Very beautiful and detailed porcelain Guan Yin statue

350 euro

Antique bronze Opiumweight

75 euro

Antique bronze Burmese Buddha statue

3,000 euro

Antique Burmese Buddha statue on throne

2,750 euro

Special antique bronze Shan Buddha

3,000 euro

Set of 6 antique bronze Opium Weights

350 euro

Antique bronze Thai Buddha statue

300 euro

Antique Nyaung-Yan Buddha

950 euro
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