Buddha Garden Statue

garden buddha statues

Among our vast collection of antique buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads and other Buddhist sculptures, our Buddha garden statues is also one of the beautiful aspects. In Feng Shui Buddhist tradition, Buddha statues are believed to assist in flowing chi energy throughout the garden as well as home and office rooms. Having a thorough knowledge about the meanings and history behind every symbols of each buddha statue is needed before placing the statue in your desired place.

There are various reasons behind placing Buddha statues in the garden like for smooth flow of chi energy according to Feng Shui Buddhist tradition, for decoration purpose, or placing happy Buddha statue representing Laughing Buddha leads to happiness and joy according to Chinese Buddhist tradition etc. But according to Buddhist monks, before placing Buddha statues in the garden one must at least know the basic meaning of Dharma, and Buddha’s teachings. According to Buddhist tradition, it is disrespectful to place a Buddha statue on the ground of a garden since it is believed Buddha was never seen touching the ground. It is also believed that mound should be erected with the help of stone, or pebble in order to elevate the Buddha statue.

Our Buddha Gallery provides various Buddha statues that can be placed in one’s garden such as meditating Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Blessing Buddha, Teachings Buddha, Long Life Buddha, Happy Buddha statues, Reclining Buddha statues, stone Buddha statues etc. Having thorough knowledge on the symbols and meanings of these Buddha statues is necessary to place the Buddha in the garden with utmost respects. Most of the Buddhist devout burn incense around the Buddha garden Statue.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery being the largest antique Buddha collection provides varieties of Buddha statues depending on the size of statues. Large Buddha Statues, small Buddha statues, are mostly used while placing Buddha statue in the garden. Our Buddha Gallery ensures to provide legalized as well as authorized Buddha statues related to Buddhist art and Buddhist tradition of different Buddhist countries. Tibetan Buddha statues, Thai Buddha statues as well as Burmese Buddha statues are some of the fine examples of Buddha statues that can be placed in the garden. According to Buddhist art, various Buddhist sculptures are also used in home. Our Buddha statue for home is one of the finest statues that our Buddha Gallery provides.

Antique Buddha statue Gallery provides Buddha statues catalog providing all detailed information of Buddha statues for sale. You can find varieties of Buddha garden statues in our gallery.

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