Buddha statues for Home

Aside placing Buddha statue in the garden, Buddha statues are also considered as the medium for bringing happiness and joy if placed in the home. Antique Buddha statue Gallery also provides large collection of Buddha statues for home as well as Buddha Garden statues. There are many reasons behind placing Buddha statues in home. Some people place Buddha statues for decoration purposes while Buddhist devout and followers place Buddha statues in home due to its religious concepts such as placing Buddha statues can help in meditation practice, it brings peace and prosperity and etc.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides wide varieties of antique Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads as well as other Buddhist sculptures, to our buyers. These sculptures related with Buddhist art are mostly used according to Buddhist tradition. It is said that these Buddha statues should not be placed touching the ground. There are various ways to placing antique Buddhas in the home. Some of the popular ways are using an alter table, creating a separate Pooja room where small and large Buddha statues should be placed.

Ultimately, the best location for your statue is the place where the statue will help you the most to conquer anger, overcome greed, and replace ignorance with awareness.

According to Buddhist tradition, there are certain rules that must be abide before placingBuddha statues in the home. Some of them are:

  1. Buddha statues shouldn’t be placed in the ground directly or bathroom since both places are considered disrespectful.
  2. It is said that these statues must be placed facing towards the room whereas it should be placed towards those who are entering from the entrance.
  3. Its best if the statues are not placed in the bedroom and if kept then should be placed in the cabinet with door closed.
  4. If possible, these sculptures should be placed in separate room especially used for meditation.

Our Buddha gallery contains all sorts of Buddha statues i.e. large Buddha statues, reclining Buddha statues, Happy Buddha statues representing Laughing Buddha,Tibetan Buddha statues, Thai Buddha statues, stone Buddha statues etc that can be placed in our buyer’s home. All these Buddhist sculptures have different meanings behind their symbols and the way these antique Buddha statues are placed also played quite important role.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery being the largest Buddha statue collection provides these Buddha statues for sale and all detail information on these statues can be found in our catalog. Visit our site for variation of antique Buddha statues for home, Buddha images for home, from all around the Buddhist countries.

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