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Antique Buddha Statue Gallery is the largest Buddha Statue Collector providing high quality and antique Buddhist Art and Buddha statue all over the Europe and other countries. Buddhist art is the artistic methods that are widely influenced by Buddhism and is practiced in most Asian countries that practices Buddhism such as Burma, Thailand, Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal and others. Burma and Thailand practices Buddhist art widely. According to recent statistics, around 98 % of the Burmese people practice Buddhist Art in their daily life.

Buddhist art includes all sorts of art, sculpture that are related to Buddha, Bodhisattvas, other Buddha related figures, mandalas, vajras, bells, stupa, Buddhist shrines, and Buddhist temple architecture. According to Buddhist mythology, Buddhist art originated after Dharma and Buddhism flourished and spread all over the continent. Even though later, it nearly disappeared from the country where it all started i.e. India, it has been flourishing in other countries.

buddhist art

Famous Buddhist Art

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides all sorts of Buddhist sculpture related to Buddhist art. Buddha statues are quite important in Buddhist art. They are taken as a symbolic representation of Lord Buddha himself. We provide high quality Buddha statues as well as rare and antique Buddha statues that our Buddha Gallery purchase from monasteries, shrines, Buddhist temples and antique Buddha statue collectors. Our Buddha statues collection consists of varieties Buddha statues such as Bronze Buddha statues, gold Buddha statues, large Buddha statues, small Buddha statues, Tibetan Buddha statues, thai Buddha statues etc.

Our Gallery also provides varieties of Buddha images, images related to Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and other figures. Our Buddha Gallery also provides antique Buddha heads that are made of different materials. One of our famous statues is the reclining Buddha statues. Reclining Buddha Statues are the representation of last moment of Lord Buddha’s life. According to Buddhist mythology, when Lord Buddha was in reclining pose with his hand supporting his head, we attained Pari Nirvana or Death. But Lord Buddha implied his death being free from the world of limited body.

Buddhist Art Gallery

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery always focus on purchasing highest quality Buddhist artand related Buddhist sculpture and being one of the largest Buddhist art collection and providing high quality happy Buddha statues, Buddha statues for home as well as Buddha Garden statues to our clients. All sorts of collection in our gallery is providing easy services so that they can easily purchase these high quality Buddha Statues for sale.

Our Gallery can be found our websites catalog and respective information on all of the Buddha statues, antique buddhas, Buddha images, thai Buddha statues, Tibetan Buddha statues etc.

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