Happy Buddha Statues

happy buddha statues

Among the vast collection of Buddha statues in our gallery, Antique Buddha statues Gallery also provides all kinds of happy Buddha statues or simply saying Buddha statues related with laughing Buddha statues. Laughing Buddha or Budai is a Chinese Folkloric deity who is seen or depicted as the incarnation of Maitreya Buddha, future Buddha. Laughing Buddha statues are mostly depicted and crafted with smile and laugh since Budai is always shown smiling and laughing. Happy Buddha statues are quite popular in Chinese Buddhism, and it is also believed that looking at happy Buddha statues, helps to be free from the stress, worries which include your mental worries as well as financial worries.

Our Buddha Gallery provides all kinds of happy Buddha statues in our largest Buddha statue collection. There are various kinds of laughing Buddha with different mudras as well as poses and they are also depicted holding different types of symbols which have their own different meanings. Some of the various types of Happy Buddha statues are:

  1. Happy Buddha carrying a wo lu.
    Happy Buddha statues carrying a wo lu is believed to protect the devout health as well the devout will have a long life.
  2. Happy Buddha statue sitting on a gold coin or carrying shack on shoulder
    It is believed that this statue is for wealth. Statue carrying shack on the shoulder of happy Buddha statue contains all goodies and that’s why is worshiped for wealth as well as prosperity.
  3. Happy Buddha Statue sitting on Dragon tortoise
    This statue with dragon tortoise is known for your welfare in your career and career income. It is said that this statue should be kept in the office especially behind you which depicts it is supporting your back.
  4. Happy Buddha statue with children surrounded
    This statue with children is the depiction of family welfare and it is believed that this statue is worshiped if one want to conceive a baby.

There are many ways to place these Buddha statues in your house as well as your office, like facing the happy Buddha statue to the entrance of the door of your house and like facing the statue with the front door of your room and so on.
Antique Buddha Gallery contains various antique Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads on happy Buddha and also focus on providing high-quality antique Buddha and other happy Buddha sculptures. Our Buddha gallery also provides various Buddha statues, antique Buddha, Buddha images, and other Buddhist sculptures based on the Buddhist art. Our vast collection includes various sizes of happy Buddha statues i.e. large Buddha statues, and small Buddha statues that can be used in our buyers home, as well as an office.

Our Happy Buddha Gallery

We also provides different kind of Buddha statues for sale such as Buddha statues for home, Buddha garden statues, Tibetan Buddha statues, Thai Buddha statues, Burmese Buddha statues, Nepalese Buddha statues, and much more. Our collection of Buddha statues also provides Buddha statues made from different material. Stone Buddha statues, Bronze Buddha statues, wooden Buddha statues are some example of them. Our Buddha Gallery catalog provides all the detail information on all these Buddha statues. Visit our catalog and purchase any kind of Buddha statue you desire.

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