Large Buddha Statues

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery, the largest Buddha statue collection provide various types of antique Buddha statue, Buddha images, Buddha heads, and other Buddhist sculptures. These Buddha statues are used for religious purpose, decoration purpose, meditation purpose and various others. Large Buddha statues are mostly used for decoration purposes. Providing highest quality, antique and rare Buddha statues to our buyers is the primary objectives of our Buddha Gallery. Buddhist sculptures related to Buddhist art, as well as other various traditions, can be found in our Buddha statue gallery.

In accordance to religious purpose, Buddha statues can categorized in various aspects. If categorized according to the materials Buddha statues are made, our Buddha Gallery provide various sorts of Buddha statues that are made from various materials. Some examples are stone Buddha statues, golden Buddha statues, Wooden Buddha statues, bronze Buddha statues, Marble Buddha statues and much more. In general Buddhist tradition,Buddha statues can be considered in terms of Buddha mudra, the way Buddha is seated, Buddha statues in different cultures.

In Buddhist tradition, Mudra means the position of hands and fingers as well as hand posture and gesture of Lord Buddha. There are number of Buddha statues based on mudra such Buddha statues with dhyana mudra, dharmachakra mudra, bhumisparsha mudra, varana mudra and so on. Our Buddha gallery provides number of Buddha statue in sitting position, and standing position. There are various Buddhist culture in various countries and so is different Buddha statues. Thai Buddha statues are mostly used in Thailand Buddhist culture,Tibetan Buddha statue in Tibetan Buddhist culture, Burmese Buddha statue in Burmese Buddhist culture and much more.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery also provides various Buddha statues on the basis of its size.Large Buddha statue, Small Buddha statue and medium size Buddha statue. Providing antique Buddha and highest Buddhist sculptures according to this basis is widely focused in Antique Buddha statue Gallery.

In accordance to situation and desires of people, Buddha statue and Buddhist sculptures can be categorized in various types. In some situation, most of the Buddha statues are placed in order to provide finishing touch to one’s tranquil decoration. Large Buddha statues are widely used to provide decorative focal point if the decoration purpose is taken into consideration. These large Buddha statue for home that Antique Buddha Statue gallery provides are quite durable and can withstand any situation inside or outside weathers. We also provide Buddha garden statue which provide decorative focal point in the garden decoration. There are various reasons why Buddha statue are placed in Garden and how they are placed. See here.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides all sorts of Buddha statues for sale such as Reclining Buddha statue based on these categorization and our Buddha Gallery ensures that these antique Buddhist sculptures are purchased in legalized and authorized way unlike other fake collectors. All the detail information on these Buddha statues can be viewed in our catalog.

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