Original Buddhas

Reclining Buddha Statues

Reclining Buddha Statues

Reclining Buddha is one of the popular Buddha figure in BuddhismReclining Buddha represents that Lord Buddha was lying down and it also represents Lord Buddha in his last moment of life before attaining ParinirvanaReclining Buddha holds an important statuary pattern in Buddhism. It is a depiction of Lord Buddha lying in the right flank with his head resting on his right elbow above a cushion.

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Antique Buddha Statue Gallery, being one of the largest collections of Buddha statuesBuddha imagesBuddha heads, and other Buddhist sculptures provides all kinds of reclining Buddha statues to our buyers in any size whether it be large Buddha statues, or small Buddha statues. Our Buddha gallery provides all kinds of Buddha statues which vary from antique Buddhas to newly crafted Buddha statues. We also provide highest quality reclining Buddha statues, as well as antique reclining Buddha statues.

Reclining Buddha also represents various principles in Buddhism. It is said that reclining Buddha statues represents that all sentient beings are limited when they are learning dharma in this limited body of sentient beings. It is also believed that after attaining Parinirvana in this position, Lord Buddha became the part of the space, universe the very of part of this world life and death.

Buddha Gallery

Our Buddha gallery consists of not only antique Buddha statues but also contains Buddha statues of different Asian Buddhist countries such as TibetBurmaThailandKoreaJapan,Nepal etc. Tibetan Buddha statuesThai Buddha statuesBurmese Buddha statuesNepalese Buddha statuesKorean Buddha statues are some of the popular antique Buddha statues and high quality Buddhist sculpture from these countries. These countries are popular all over the world for its unique styles of Buddha statues, beautiful mudras, Buddha positions. In Burma, there are various mudras of Buddha such as Abhaya mudra,bhumisparsha mudradhyana mudra, and so on. There are other various styles of Buddhist art in all these countries. Some of the popuar Buddhist styles in Buddhist art are Ava Buddhist styleMandalay Buddhist stylePyu Buddhist Styles and so on.

Antique Buddha statue Gallery provides various sorts of other Buddha statues such as happy Buddha statues, Buddhist sculptures of other Buddhist figures such as BodhisattvaBuddhist monks etc. Happy Buddha statue is the representation of Laughing Buddha, considered as the reincarnation of Maitreya Buddha or future Buddha. Our Buddha gallery also provides reclining Buddha statues in different materials like stone, wood, gold, bronze, copper and so on. Stone Buddha statues are quite popular among our buyers.

Visit our antique Buddha statue gallery catalog for every detailed information on our Buddha garden statue as well as Buddha statues for home. Our Gallery’s Buddha statue for sale are quite legal and authorized and we purchase every Buddha statues in accordance to our Buyer’s standards.

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Antique reclining Buddha

1,850 euro

Old bronze Reclining Buddha statue

900 euro

Antique bronze Laotian Buddha statue

2,750 euro
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