Stone Buddha Statues

Among our vast collection of Buddha statues, providing the highest quality as well as antique Buddha statues is the main priority of Antique Buddha Statue Gallery. Our Buddha Gallery is also known for providing stone Sculptures of Buddhist art, especially stone Buddha statue, stone Bodhisattva statues etc. Stone Buddha statues are quite well known for their exemplary crafting and benevolence facial expression of Lord Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama. Stone Buddhist sculptures are considered as the oldest form of Buddhist sculptures since stone Buddhist sculptures are more durable in the long year unless it is destroyed.

According to history, Sculptures carved in stone is the oldest works to represent arts. Some of the oldest Buddhist sculptures in the history of the Buddhist tradition are carved in stone material such as Buddha of Bamiyan, Leshan Giant Buddha etc. These largest Buddha statues were carved in pre-historical time, but they are still standing in this present era except Buddhas of Bamiyan since they got destroyed. Stone Buddha Statues needs a lot of processes and refining to be carved completely. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery focuses on providing the stone carved Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads and other Buddhist sculptures to our buyers.

Stone Buddha Statues in Various Tradition

Stone Buddha Statues are quite popular and widely crafted and made in southern Asian Countries like Thailand, Nepal, Tibet etc. These Thai Buddha Statues, Tibetan Buddha Statues, Nepalese Buddha statues etc are quite famous for their superior crafting skills on stone sculptures. Antique Buddhas crafted in stone have a serene facial expression that is considered to give peaceful chi energy in one’s body as well as the environment. Reclining Buddha statue represents the events in Lord Buddha life when he attained Parinirvana or, in general, the death of Lord Buddha. Most of the reclining Buddha statues are crafted in stone, but they are also crafted in other materials like bronze, copper, marble etc.

Antique Buddha statue Gallery provides all sizes of Buddha statues like large Buddha statues, small Buddha statues etc which are quite suitable to be placed in garden or home. These Buddha Garden Statues and Buddha statues for home can have different meanings like placing happy Buddha statues in garden or home helps to bring happiness as well as joy in surrounding environment. Tibetan Buddha statue is believed to help in the flow of chi energy throughout the environment helping to find peaceful and calm mind.

Our Buddha Gallery catalog provides the vast collection of Buddha statues for sale. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery ensures that these Buddha Statues for sale are quite legal and authorized and are purchased according to law. Our Buddha Gallery also ensures to provide antique and rare stone Buddha statues as well as highest quality Buddhist sculptures. Our Gallery catalog provides all the detail information on these Buddha statues for sale.

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