Thai Buddha Statues

thai buddha statues

Thailand is one of the most populated with Buddhist people after Burma and the Buddhist art in Thailand is one of the top notch art in the whole world. Buddhist art in Thailand is popular worldwide for crafting peaceful as well as serene facial expression. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery carries varieties of Thai Buddha statues that are made and crafted in various styles, and sizes which are available for both home as well as outdoor gardens. Providing high quality and Thai Buddha statues is our main objectives of our Buddha Gallery.

Three dimensional wood, clay, metal or stone Buddha statues in Thailand are basically considered as Buddha images. These Buddha images are popular for their unique beautiful art that are the part of Thai Buddhism. Different Styles of Buddha statues, as well as Buddha images are found in Thailand that vary in various part of Thailand like Sri Vijaya, Lopburi, Chiang Saen and Lanna antique Buddha statues. Antique Buddha that is made in Lanna Buddhist styles is quite popular in most part of the world. Buddha Images of Suko Thai periods are quite popular and ensures to provides antique as well as high quality Thai Buddha statues to our buyers.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides all varieties of Buddha statues depending on the sizes, styles, purpose, and other various things. Our Gallery provides large Buddha statues and small Buddha statues that are made in accordance to Thai Buddhist art. These different size of Buddha statues have different purpose like providing decorative mediums or placing these statues in the pooja room. These antique Buddha statues can also be placed in the garden since these Buddha Garden statues can help in flowing of chi energy throughout the garden as well as home. Our Buddha statues for home are quite beautiful and our buyers believe that these statues help to bring happiness and peace while placing them in the home.

Our Buddha gallery consists of different other styles of Buddha statues such as reclining Buddha statues, Happy Buddha statues, bronze Buddha statues etc. Our Largest antique Buddha collection also provides Buddhist sculptures from different traditions like Tibetan Buddha statues, Burmese Buddha statues, etc. All the Buddha statues, Buddha images, and other Buddhist sculptures that Antique Buddha Statue Gallery possess can be found in our catalog which consists all the detail information about Thai Buddha statues. Our Gallery catalog also consists of other various styles of Buddha statues and other Buddhist traditions.

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