Tibetan Buddha Statues

tibetan buddha statues

Tibet is one of the few countries where most of the people are devout to Buddhism and some of them are Burma, Thailand etc. Providing the high quality as well as antique Buddha statues especially Tibetan Buddha statues to our buyers are some of the main objectives. Tibet is known for its own unique Buddhist art, Dalai Lama, and Bhrikuti. Lord Dalai Lama is one of the most worshipped Buddhist figures in Buddhism all over the world.

Tibetan Buddhism comprises the philosophy of many Buddhist traditions like Madhyamika and Yogacara. Tibetan Buddhism was developed on the philosophy based on Mahayana Buddhism, the foundational vehicle and Vajrayana Buddhism. There are around four major Tibetan Buddhist schools in Tibet and they are Nyingma Buddhist schools, Sakya Buddhist schools, Kagyu Buddhist schools and Gelug Buddhist schools. Among these schools, Nyingma Buddhist School is the oldest Tibetan Buddhist School in Tibet whereas Gelug Buddhist School is the largest Buddhist schools in Tibet. These Buddhist schools consist of many Buddha statues, Buddha images, Buddha heads and other Buddhist figure sculpture.

Tibetan Buddha statues

Tibetan Buddhism is very rich with abundant Buddhist artifacts, and history of its own Buddhist art. Our Buddha gallery has the large collection of Tibetan Buddha statues, Tibetan antique buddhas and more. Along with an antique piece of Buddha statues, we also purchase various statues of Buddha i.e. happy Buddha statues, stone Buddha statues, reclining Buddha statues that have a long history of Tibet within themselves.

Antique Buddha Statues Gallery ensures that we purchased only high-quality Buddha statues and antique Buddha from the Tibetan Buddha statue collector, Tibetan museum and shrines that are willing to provide these antique pieces with the world. Along with Tibetan Buddha statues, we also provide our buyers with statues from various Buddhist countries like Thai Buddha statues, Burmese Buddha statues, Nepalese Buddha statues, and so on.

Our Buddha gallery also provides beautiful statues of various sizes such as large Buddha statues and small Buddha statues for our buyers who have a peculiar taste in various size of Buddha statues. There are many Tibetan Buddha statues that are very good and can keep in one’s home and garden. Since Buddha statues brings happiness, peace, compassion, wisdom, Tibetan Buddha garden statues and Buddha statues for home are quite popular among our buyers.

Visit our catalog for Tibetan Buddha statues for sale. Our buyers can also find the detail information on Tibetan Buddha statues, as well as Thai Buddha statues and other various Buddha statues that are among the collection of ours. Antique Buddha statue Gallery is the largest Buddha statue collection and we focus on providing reliable information and we also guarantee that these Buddha statues are quite authentic and legally purchased.

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