Amarapura Buddha statues

mahamuni buddha statues

Amarapura Buddhist art is one of the beautiful art created in all history of Buddhist art in Myanmar. Though Toungoo Buddhist art and Pagan Buddhist art are mostly remembered in the history of Myanmar Art, Amarapura Buddhist art is known in all history for being the most unique Buddhist art since Amarapura Buddhist art provides the most distinctive form of Myanmar Buddhist art and this art had never fedined in all history. The period of Amarapura Buddha statues, was considered as the turning event in the Myanmar art and at the same time, Thai Buddha statues representing early Ratanakosin art was highly influenced in theThai Buddhist art.
The height of Amarapura Buddha statues reached its peak when King Bodawpaya demanded to bring the Arakanese Sacred Buddha statues, the Mahamuni Buddha statue in the kingdom of Amarapura and be kept in the royal shrine especially made to install the Mahamuni Buddha statue. And this was possible only because the legacy of Arakan Art was prominent during this period and its influence was quite powerful during Amarapura Period.

Amarapura Buddha Statues

Buddha statues, Buddha images and other Buddhist sculptures from this period are popularly known as “Pra Nong” in Thailand. The reason behind this period art’s popularity is that the distinctive style that Amarapura Art possesses has never been defined in the history of Burmese Buddhist art. The Mahamuni Buddha images hold the most sacred image in the Buddhist art in Amarapura Period. The buddha image of Mahamuni Buddha was given more muscular torse. The Buddha images and Buddha statues made from the petal or paper mache/lacquerware were found rare in this period of Amarapura Period. One of the important Buddha statues that were quite popular during this period was Crown Buddha images also known by the name Jambupati.

Some other new features were added in the Buddhist art in Myanmar. Most of the Buddha statues were mostly made of wood and gilded with gold leaf. Beautiful stone Buddha statues are also quite popular during those periods. These magnificent antique buddha statues were then covered with red lacquer and not only covered with red lacquer but also colored with red color and lastly they were decorated with glass inlays. The Buddha images in Amarapura Period were depicted in the form of the Mahamuni buddha image and the face of these Buddha images were round and made a bit plumped turning downwards. Other distinctive features that were introduced in these periods are circular pattern provided on the Sanghati, Monk’s robe, as well as shins and knees.

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