Mandalay Buddha statues

Mandalay Buddhist Art is considered as one of the most popular Buddhist art in the whole world. And in Myanmar, Mandalay was known as the center of Buddhist universe that exists in Myanmar. The Buddhist art and style that was introduced in this period was quite prospered and developed and was known in all Buddhist period after the Mandalay Period. The Buddhist devout who sincerely love the Buddhist art during Mandalay period introduced thepure Buddhist art in Myanmar and making Mandalay Period one of the most fruitful eras in terms of Buddha statues and Buddha images.

Buddha Images in Mandalay Period

The Buddhist devout in Mandalay Period were quite peculiar and provide different appearance and the techniques they used were quite sophisticated and iconography employed which were quite advanced for their time. The designs for Buddha statues were very thoroughly applied and they especially used the crossed breast chains and the patterns on the monk’s robe and the headdress around the edge of crown Buddha statue. The crossed breast chains were passed from both shoulders of the statue with a bejeweled medallion. Many designs used in Thai Buddhist art were also employed in the Buddhist sculptures in the Burmese Art such as Pracham Yamcarving pattern Thai Chest Armor Pattern, fish scale pattern, Ayutthaya Ban Phlu Luang style pattern etc.

Some new features that were introduced during Mandalay Period are as follows:

  • The tradition of halo was lost (due to influence of Arakan Style)
  • Temples are flat
  • Facial Structures like Human except elongated ear
  • A slender body unlike muscular (Ramayana style influenced)
  • Appearance of crossed legged position with wide lap in Buddha images and uppers parts of legs and knees touched the base of pedestal
  • Introduction of decoration in Adorned Images which was exceptional on the crown which was not seen in any art of Buddhist school
  • Statues were lacquered and painted in the red color called Chad and later gilded and decorated with inlaid glass.
  • Crown of Buddha images was given conical shape
  • Appearance of sculptures of personal attendants or popular disciples of Buddha
  • Reclining Buddha statues were also portrayed beautifully in Mandalay Period
  • Standing Buddha statues are shown with right hand showing gestures
  • Another Important features: clear wide striped rim was introduced in the face
  • Except adorned images, normal images were shown wearing simple monk’s robe across the left shoulder
  • Adorned Images are shown with transcendent robe
  • The base of Buddha statues were shown with a low base since the throne with decorative archway would be placed behind the image (especially back of the image).

Mandalay Period Buddhist art also covers a variety of Buddha statues based on the materials used. Some of the important materials are bronze marble, paper, jade, or wood. A single Buddha images were also made from different materials like head, hands, as well as feet, would be made up from the marble and other parts would be made from wood as well as bronze and gilded with lacquer. Some stone Buddha statues were also quite popular during the Buddhist period of Mandalay Period.

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