Original Buddhas

Pyu Buddha statues from Burma

Pyu Buddha statues from Burma

Myanmar Buddhist art and Pyu Buddha statues have a very long history since Pyu Buddhist art was one of the most popular trend before Pagan Buddhist style came to exist.Pyu Period came to exists when mixed blood monks known as Pyu were dominant ancient Myanmar. Pyu Period of Buddhist art existed until the 10th century when Pagan Buddhist art overtook the Buddhist style. Pagan Buddhist art is the Buddhist art that was formed by merging the Buddhist style of Pyu Period and Myan PeriodLarge Buddha Statues and Small Buddha statues made in Pyu Buddhist art in the present is used for various purposes.

Antique Buddha Statue Gallery provides all types of Pyu Buddha statues that were made and crafted during 3rd Centuries to 10th Centuries. The style of early Pyu art was believed to be brought from India later style of Tibetan Buddha statues was also merged and new Pyu Buddhist style was found. Pyu Buddhist style can actually be categorized in three different styles that existed in different times of Pyu Period. They are:

The Hanlin Style (from the 3rd – 9th centuries)

The Hanlin Style was quite popular along with Pyu style during 3rd -9th Centuries. Actually Hanlin Buddhist art was the combination of local Pyu Buddhist art and Buddhist art highly influenced in Northern and Eastern India. The Buddhist sculptures and Buddhist art during Hanlin period mostly focus on making Buddha sculptures based on crowned Prince Buddha either in seated position with crossed legged or fold legged. This Buddhist art of Hanlin Period also depicts the antique Buddha of crowned Buddha with various symbols. These symbols were the depiction of five Dhyani Buddhas and Shakyamuni Buddhas. It is also said that Buddha images with sanghati (monk robes) were originated in Hanlin Period of Buddhist art.

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The Pyu Style of Buddhist Art (from 3rd – 9th centuries)

Pyu Buddha Statue

The Pyu art originated from ancient city of SriKasetta between 3rd to 9th Centuries. This date goes back even before the combination of this pyu style and Mon style. This Buddhist art that consists of antique Buddha statues, Buddha images, Myanmar Buddha statues etc was named after the ethnic group that found this style i.e. Pyu Ethnic group thus giving the name “Pyu Style”. During this period, Buddha images with seated position were quite popular. Especially Buddha statues with crossed legged position as well Buddha statues with outer robe known as Sanghati were also made. Some were craved with sanghati over both shoulder as well as some with only Civara (part of sanghati) across only left shoulder of the statue. Pyu Buddhist art during this period were mostly crafted in thin bronze cast that consists of high silver and tin content proportion. Later during 9th centuries i.e. end of this period, Buddha images with Halo was brought in this style.

Early Pagan Style (9th – 11th centuries)

Early Pagan Style came to Myanmar after the late Pyu period of Buddhist art. Most of earlyPagan Buddhist art consists of the features of previous Buddhist art i.e. Pyu as well as Myan Buddhist styles. Most of Buddhist sculptures in this period features especially buddha statueswith decorations and ornaments. These Buddhist sculptures are especially crowned with decorations and ornaments and statues with simple monk sanghati were also decorated i.e. gilding etc. Early Pagan style also inherited popular trends of Pyu Style of SriKasetta such as portraying statues with symbols of five Thayani Buddhas.

Pyu Buddha statues are some of the most beautiful Buddhist sculptures and hold some of the most beautiful history in the Pyu period. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery ensures to provide Pyu buddha statues without losing its historical importance. Our Buddha Gallery consists of all varieties of Pyu Buddhist sculptures and also ensure to provide antique statues from different tradition other than Pyu Buddhist art such as Thai Buddha statuesHappy Buddha statues etc. Antique Buddha Statue Gallery along with Pyu Buddha statues provides pyu Buddha statues for garden as well as home. Our Buddha Gallery ensures to provide Buddha statues for HomeBuddha Garden statues of Pyu Buddhist style. Our Buddha Galleryprovides various Pyu Buddha statues made from different materials such as stone, bronze, etc.Stone Buddha statues made in Pyu Buddhist art are quite popular among our buyers.

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Special antique bronze Pyu Buddha

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Special antique bronze Pyu Buddha statue

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Large original bronze Pyu Buddha statue

Special bronze Pyu Buddha statue

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