Toungoo Buddha statues

toungoo buddha statues

Among all the Buddhist art that influenced the modern Burmese art, Toungoo period Buddhist art can be considered as the golden age of the Myanmar Buddhist art. Toungoo Period Buddhist art is quite unheard in the Myanmar art and most people wouldn’t have even heard of it. Toungoo Period existed for more than two centuries and influencing Buddhist art in most of part of lower Burma, Upper Burma, Shan States, and other such state by the year 1616 A.D. One main reason that rises the Toungoo Buddhist art is that Toungoo Dynasty overpowered almost all the kingdoms in South East Asia and absorbed most of the Buddhist art that were highly influenced in those regions and kingdoms.

Toungoo Buddhist Art

Toungoo Buddhist art brought many changes in the Myanmar art during that period. But this prosperous Buddhist art was largely ignored after Toungoo Dynasty got defeated by Chinese and Shan Tai Kingdom. Western Historians refer Buddhist art existed in this period as “Post Pagan Buddhist Art”. After Toungoo Dynasty took over the Mons of Hansavadi, Toungoo kingdom started reviving Buddhist art and Myanmar Buddhist art and antique Buddha statues existed during those period were mixed with Mon Buddhist art as well as Mon and Tai Yai Buddha statues. After merging of Toungoo Buddhist art with Mon and Tai Yai Art, the influence of Post Pala Sena Art of India over Myanmar art started to wane.

Buddha statue in Toungoo Period

As mentioned, Toungoo Period is known as the Golden age among all the period that influenced the Buddhist art in Myanmar. Being merged with Mon and Tai Yai Buddhist art,Toungoo art brought much changes in the Buddha statues, Buddha images and other Buddhist art. The influence of Toungoo art quickly took over the local Buddhist art that existed during previous dynasty and period. Buddha Statues made in Toungoo period had their own unique appearance and properties and different from all the past features of Buddhist art.

The face of Buddha statues during Toungoo Period are depicted much rounder and the face was made with much meditative look. The body of the statues of antique Buddha is made more muscular and plump. The Pra Ghetmala i.e. top of the head of the Buddha statues was increased in size and put to the middle top of the head. In Toungoo period, the shape of the halo was made like the budding lotus flower while it used to be like lotus petal beforeToungoo period. The Halo was made so that it would looks like the crown of Buddha statuesdue to the major influence of Shai Tai art.

The features such as making mudra in the antique Buddha are also some of the popular trends in the Buddhist art of Toungoo period. The base of Buddha statues were also shaped in the thicker layers of lotus petals. That was the first features in the Buddhist art of Myanmarthat make the most differential features in the Burmese art and break free from the Pala styleof India. That is why Toungoo Period is the golden age of Myanmar art and thus given the name “The beginning of Pure Myanmar Art”. This period brought the modern Myanmar art and many types of Buddha statues such as reclining Buddha statues, large Buddha statues and small Buddha statues were made in Myanmar Art style.

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